When American Photo published an oral history of September 11, 2001 from the perspective of photojournalists, what appeared in the magazine represented only a small proportion of the staggeringly powerful words and pictures gathered for the story.

Once the issue closed, editor-in-chief Scott Alexander and I immediately set our sites on the iPad. To produce the digital version of the story, we produced an expanded four-part edit of the main narrative, adding six individual portfolios with even more photos told from each photographer's perspective, accompanied by audio clips of the photographers telling their stories in their own words. The download was offered free of charge, with an encouragement to donate to a selected list of charities aiding those affected by the attacks.

I was honored to work with so many great people on this project: Scott Alexander, editor-in-chief of American Photo; friends Matt Buchanan and Joel Johnson, who conducted all of the interviews with skill and compassion; and Mike Haney and Matt Cokeley at Mag+, who helped bring this story to life on the iPad. The app remains the most-downloaded publication ever created on the Mag+ platform.

9.11.01 - The Photographers' Stories