Here are a few* of my favorites, new and old.

I am currently Buzzfeed Food's Winter Stew Correspondent, a title I will include on every resume I write until I die. You can find some delicious stews to make here.

Why Wild Animals Are Moving Into Cities, and What To Do About It - Popular Science, December 2013

In the Shadow of the Black Sun - American Photo, Sept/Oct 2013

Why We Need Audiophiles - Gizmodo, 2009

The USA Pavilion Is a Disgrace - PopSci, 2010

The iPad's Unexpected, Hidden Peak at the Future of Computing - PopSci, 2010

The Hackintosh Diaries: A Three-Part How-To - PopSci, 2011

New Cars Make Me Feel Old - PopSci, 2011

Testing the Best: Driving Fast in the Ferrari 458 Italia - PopSci, 2010

State of the Climate -, 2007

*A piece I'm extremely proud of that I fear is now gone forever? The style guide I wrote for Gizmodo's spamworm takeover on April 1, 2009.